Radio is the original one-to-one medium, it is intimate and friendly but Hospital Radio aims to have even more of a personal touch.


Radio Sunderland for Hospitals is a registered charity that broadcasts specialist and personalised programme's to the patients of the Sunderland Royal Hospital and St Benedict's Hospice.

It is our aim to:

Provide relief from the anxiety of a hospital stay

        Relax the Listener

        Aid convalescence

    • Be the patients personal bedside friend


One of our most popular programmes is the patient request show “Ward Call”. This has the guarantee to always play the patients request providing we have it in our extensive record library. One of the surprising thing about Ward Call is not that the patient enjoys hearing their favourite tune, it is the fact that they get a buzz from hearing their name mentioned on the radio – and this is why we always say it twice, at the start and end of the record, just in case they tuned in half-way through!

Football is also very popular on Radio Sunderland and we broadcast the whole of every Sunderland A.F.C. home game – something we've been doing since the 1954-5 football season!

Radio Sunderland can also broadcast programmes which have special features and information for the patients and we can provide useful advice and contact information from our regular “Radio Sunderland Notice Board” features.


You can watch a video on the work of a typical Hospital Radio station by clicking here.