Buy and Donate!

One of the best and surely most painless ways to help Radio Sunderland is to buy from Amazon. We receive a small commission on every item you buy from their website, and don't worry, it doesn't cost you any more and we can't identify you from what you buy!


All you need to do is to remember to go to the Amazon website from any one of the links on our own website, this tells Amazon which website you came from so they know who to credit with the sale.


What's more, if you go to the Amazon website from one of our links and then add Amazon as a favourite or bookmark, our ID is stored with the link so you needn't remember to go via the Radio Sunderland website for future purchases.


Finally, if you're thinking of changing your Internet Service Provider (ISP) then you might like to look at the deals at Plusnet using the link below, if you decide to sign up with them we receive a commission and once again it will not cost you any extra.




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